Know more about our production methods and quality control

We believe in the continuous technological upgrading of production tools. We invest in modern and efficient machines seeking continuous improvement of our products and processes to compete in the demanding global markets and to provide yarn with the highest quality standards.

In the preparation process we have RIETER machinery, equipped with double detection and selective on-line extraction of foreign fibers using TRUTZSCHLER SECUROMAT SCFO and the NEW USTER JOSSI VISION SHIELD 2 with MAGIC EYE. This is detecting everything form pieces of fabric, feathers, colored polypropylene, foils, strings, jute yarns, damaged cotton, nylon, stones, cotton seeds, etc.

The spinning process is carried out in modern machines SAURER SCHLAFHORST ACO 8 and 9 (Corobox SE20), all equipped with waxing device. All machines also have COROLAB XF yarn clearers for the continuous and simultaneous monitoring of all spinning positions for yarn evenness and coloured foreign fibres extraction.

Quality control

We control daily the quality of our yarn production, and the raw materials we use. So we can ensure full traceability throughout the whole production process.

We have obtained the certification “Standard Quality” for yarn quality issued by BELCORO.